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The barbering industry has experienced a huge growth in Ireland recently and job opportunities for barbers are still growing. This means going to barber school or training and starting a new job as a barber is a profitable career move. But how to become a successful barber? Check out these 5 useful tips from a very creative and professional barber, MGI tutor Andrew Kozlov to show you how to become a successful barber:

1. Set your plans! Have a vision of where you want to be. Planning ahead early will help you decide the actual action you need to take.

2. Choose your trainer. Before you enrol in a barber course or training school, take a tour and ask lots of questions about the instructor’s experience. Make sure that groups are small enough that you’ll be able to get plenty of personalised instruction.

Barber Courses with Men's Grooming Ireland
MGI expert barber, Andrew Kozlov, teaches a small group of barbers

3. Select a practical barber course. Choose a good barbering course that focuses on practice. The only one way to get comfortable giving haircuts is by actually doing them. During your course, you should be able to practice your new skills to working on real clients. Not only will this get you more comfortable with hair cutting but it will also help you master your communication and customer service skills. The best barbers always make their clients feel comfortable in their chair.

Barber course dublin
MGI barber courses are practiacl and hands-on

4. Continuously educate and improve yourself. Learn and practice every latest and trendy style for men’s hair. Learning skills to style hair in the most popular designs is vitally important and continuous practice will make sure you become a master of the job.

5. Work with the best to be the best. Do some research and choose to be a part of the most creative and highly skilled barbershop team.

Men's Grooming
Work with the best to be the best

If you want a career in barbering, then contact us via email or by phone 01 288 28 70.

The courses we offer are less focused on the theory and entirely hands-on, designed to prepare students for the workplace.

All MGI instructors are highly experienced in a modern hair cutting, styles and traditional barbering. We don’t teach in a large groups, but take an individual approach which means you will get more attention, time and advice!

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