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5 Ways to Impress your Valentine’s Date


Romance is in the air as Valentine’s Day fast approaches. We all know that February 14th is a little manufactured but the rise in sales of chocolates and wine by 3.5% in 2019 shows there is still a lot of pressure to mark the occasion and impress your Valentine’s Date on the night.

Fear not, Men’s Grooming Ireland are here to help you to impress your other half and prove that you truly care.

  1. Book a luxurious meal

Intimate dinners in beautiful surroundings are still the pinnacle of a romantic night out. Check out your local Google ratings to see where is popular and, whatever else you do, ensure you make a booking! There’s nothing less impressive than turning up to a restaurant ad hoc, being turned away and having to make do with a takeaway Chinese instead­.

If you want to be extra swanky you can phone beforehand and arrange for a bottle of champagne to be already on ice on the table before you arrive. Little details matter when you are out to impress.

Four restaurants which can be found close to our salons in Stillorgan and South William Street – and that we would highly recommend – are:

Riba in Stillorgan, south Dublin, is an Italian specialising in delicious hand-made fresh pastas, seafood and dry-aged steaks served in warm, buzzy environment.

Marco Pierre White (based in Donnybrook and Dublin city centre) has three buzzwords: “Old School Glamour. Proper Service. Classic Menu.” Three sentiments that are very close to our hearts at MGI! So if steak and good service are your things, this is the ideal Valentine’s venue!

SOLE Seafood & Grill on South William Street is a fantastic restaurant offering a true taste of Ireland in the heart of Dublin. They pride themselves on offering the best seafood in Dublin and the ultimate in high-end casual dining.

The Greenhouse on Dawson Street is a 2-Michelin Star restaurant led by the multi award winning chef, Mickael Vilijanen. But the food is the real star at this restaurant, inspired by the finest produce available and cooked with the utmost respect and passion.

  1. Look your best for your Valentine’s Date Valentines Day gift voucher

Make sure your hair, grooming and clothes are helping you to look your very best. Your favourite Men’s Grooming Ireland barber can suggest new styles that will complement your face or could even help with a little colouring to help blend away your greys. Our range of styling and grooming products are natural, subtly fragranced and will achieve a long-lasting hold so you can look your most ravishing all evening long. And if you really want to achieve the ultimate in fresh, smooth skin, try one of our Signature Hot Towel Shaves – guaranteed to leave no stubble burn at the end of your romantic Valentine’s Date.

And if you really want to pamper the man in your life, why not treat him to our special Valentine’s Day Pamper Package – guaranteed to make him (and you) feel like he’s a new man.

  1. Arrive in style

A limo might be a little too much for the occasion, but you can decide to be the designated chauffeur driving for the night.

Offer to pick up your partner from work or home and lay it on thick with the gallantry. Open the passenger door and play their favourite artist on the stereo (assuming they are not into thrash metal of course).

You might not get to have a drink that night but you will be perceived as a knight in shining armour. Big brownie points for avoiding the perils of public transport or the taxi rank queue. Plus it will also give you plenty of opportunities for hand holding and keeping cosy on a cold February evening.

  1. Ooze old-style charm

You can judge a person by the way they treat everyone they meet. So, if you want to make a good impression, then it‘s important that you are patient and polite at all times with all people. Being rude and curt to bartenders or waiters is a sure-fire way to cause embarrassment and ruin your chances of impressing your partner. Pleases, thank yous and appropriate tipping go a long way to showing that you are a true gentleman.

  1. Stay off your phone

You want your date to feel like they are the centre of your world; this is difficult to achieve if you have your attention directed at your phone. Recent research has shown that really being present with someone can transform their life, so make sure you are truly actively listening to your date and what they have to say.

A Valentine’s date is the perfect time to really communicate, face to face. So stay present, listen, and make your Valentine feel like a million dollars.




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