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One of our favourite barber shop tradition is fathers and sons coming together to Men’s Grooming Ireland to enjoy our barbershop experience. We also love to see grandfathers and grandsons visit us too! It is something we and they enjoy very much.

Today we had a great example of this tradition. We were very pleased to meet Conor and his son, Alfie. They both clearly enjoyed the top quality service and our friendly atmosphere created time for them to enjoy some quality father and son bonding.Barber shop traditionsGoing to get a haircut is only part of the barber shop experience! Many clients come to Men’s Grooming for a haircut but then enjoy the opportunity to relax in a male-orientated environment, chatting about current and personal issues.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your own barbershop tradition with your family at Men’s Grooming Ireland and find out for yourself what this great experience is all about!

Phone today 01 288 28 70 for an appointment. We have FREE parking and Wi-Fi for all guests.



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