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Christmas Survival Guide for Gentlemen

Christmas can cause even the coolest of gentlemen to get their tinsel in a tangle. Read the Christmas Survival Guide for Gentlemen to discover some simple ways to keep your yuletide cool, calm, suave and stylish at all times during the crazy season.

  1. Office parties

The main issue here is to avoid drinking too much. Yes, you want to feel merry and bright but you also need to make sure you don’t do, say or suggest anything you might regret only hours later. It’s all about comporting oneself with elegance and avoiding the Christmas cringe factor.

Do: Make a sophisticated entrance. A visit to your favourite barber will ensure your hair is well groomed and a little planning sorts out the style. If both of these are on point, then you’re off to a good start.

Do: Ask other people questions about themselves. A very good socialite once told me that if you ask people questions about themselves, they will always remember you as an interesting person. Even if you can’t think what to say to ‘Janet from Accounts’, you can ask her all about her Christmas plans and then sit back and nod sagely, giving the appearance of elegant interest.

Do: Make an effort to talk to anybody looking lonely or uncomfortable. A lot of introverts struggle at Christmas parties and a little bit of Christmas spirit from you will go a long way.

Do: Prepare and rehydrate. Taking a milk thistle supplement before a big night out and drinking two pints of water before bed are good ways to avoid the morning hangover – just in case you do succumb to a ‘few more than planned’ drinks for the road.

Don’t: Join in on rounds of shots. Jägerbombs, anything flaming or containing cream (you’ll regret it later) are definitely on the naughty list and to be avoided at all costs.

  1. Family gatherings

No matter how much you love your own family or the in-laws, there’s nothing like Christmas to push familial buttons, especially when fuelled by cocktails and cabin fever. However, our Christmas Survival Guide is all about creating calm by embracing the good vibes and avoiding the negative.

Do: Breathe. As soon as you feel the panic/anger/frustration/overwhelm (*delete as necessary) beginning to rise, take a deep breath. Slow your breath right down so you breathe in for 5 seconds and out for 5 seconds. If three of these breaths don’t calm you down, find an excuse to leave the room until you have properly regained your composure.

Do: Get out for a walk. A blast of fresh air and a nature fix makes everyone feel better.

Do: Share the chores. Extra people means extra stress for anyone who is hosting so always be the first to offer to help cook, clean up or tidy round. It will make for a happier environment all round.

Don’t: Try to sort out family issues at Christmas time. Old emotions and issues always come up at Christmas but it is not the time to tackle the big stuff. Bide your time and plan to address emotive issues in the New Year.

  1. Gifts

Even if you have traditionally always dashed around at the last minute, a little bit of organization can take the pain out of shopping.

Do: Start the process early. Write a list at the beginning of December and break down the one giant job into manageable little steps. Tick off at least two family members each week and you’ll be able to avoid the last-minute sweaty, crowded shopping dash.

Do: Shop local or at craft markets. Remember, “When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance.” And, it’s better for the local economy if you avoid the chains and Amazon.

Don’t: Waste your money buying expensive last-minute gifts. Despite the mass commercialism, it’s still true that it’s the thought that counts. If in doubt, buy a gift voucher. An experience is always a better gift than another unwanted object.

  1. Don’t succumb to the hype

Christmas has become so overhyped by film, tv and social media that everyone becomes stressed by unrealistic expectations.

Don’t: Succumb to the pressure of having a ‘perfect’ Christmas. Christmas is about showing and sharing love.

Do: Act from the heart. If there’s only one thing you takeaway from this Christmas Survival Guide, it’s if you act from the heart over the festive season, you really can’t put a foot wrong. The trimmings, presents and decorations are all just stuff. It’s the love, kindness and thoughtfulness that will set you apart as a truly festive gentleman.

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