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Gro’ a mo’ like a pro: How to grow a moustache in six easy steps

Always wanted to know how to grow a moustache for Movember? Cultivating a fantastic ’tache is the coolest way to show your support and raise awareness for men’s health this November.

Grow a mo’, save a bro’

Nothing says ‘men’s health’ like a good bit of upper lip-holstery. And two weeks is all it takes for most men to grow a moustache. There’s no need to be put off by the fear of patchiness or itchy skin with our foolproof 6-step guide to moustache growing, created by grooming and beard guru, Andrew Kozlov, Creative Director at Men’s Grooming Ireland:

Step 1. Get prepared

Clark Gable's pencil thin moustache, Men's Grooming Ireland

Go hunting for all the right products and tools you will need before you begin to grow your moustache. These will make the growing and grooming process easier, leading to guaranteed ‘tache success:

  • Throw away the soap! Soap dries the face and will make the dreaded itching worse. Invest in a good soap-free and preferably natural foaming face cleanser to lift away excess oils and impurities in the skin.
  • Buy pre-shave oil. This will be used on the clean-shaven parts of your face. Used underneath your traditional shaving cream, this softens the stubble and soothes and protects the skin, providing an extra, moisturising barrier.
  • A good-quality beard oil is essential. The oil protects your skin and nourishes the follicle as the hair grows, encouraging growth and preventing itch.
  • Invest in a beard balm or beard moisturiser to your grooming regime. Once grown, your moustache will need moisturising to stay looking pristine.
  • Gather your equipment: Every good groomer needs his tools. A beard comb to tame and shape your moustache once it’s grown and a trimmer and/or scissors to sculpt and cut the hairs to the right length are both ‘mo necessities.

Step 2. Let it grow

This stage will need all of your perseverance and patience. Facial hair grows at approximately 0.4mm per day. And, unless you are extremely hirsute, beards and moustaches can prove to be awkwardly patchy. To begin, let all the hair on your face grow for two weeks. This helps to mask patches and gives you an idea of what sort of growth you can achieve.

Step 3. Beat the itch

The infuriating face itch has ruined many a plan to grow facial hair. But it doesn’t have to. Your face itches when the hairs start to grow from the follicles.

Beat the itch by using a good-quality beard oil. Applied to the hair as it grows (even to stubble), it moisturises the skin, nourishes the root and softens the hair, reducing irritation. Avoid using soap, shower gel or shampoo to wash your burgeoning moustache – all of these will dry out the skin and add to the itch. Use a beard soap instead. It’ll keep the skin calm.

Above all, keep strong, buy beard oil and keep going!Pablo Escobar's moustache in Narcos, Netflix Men's Grooming Ireland

Step 4. Decide your style

This is the fun bit. Now you have an idea of how much length you can grow on your top lip, you can begin to get creative and choose your style.

Two factors are at play here – face shape and your hair type. Stronger jaws and thicker hair can cope with a full, handlebar or Narcos-style chevron moustache. You’ll need good length – about 10mm – and good density to make it work. A beard trimmer, comb and beard balm will help keep this bad-boy in shape.

For oval shaped faces with wispier hair, a pencil or English-style parted moustache (aka Clark Gable, above) might prove more achievable. Use detail trimmers to shave around a thin line of hair above your lip. As soon as you have enough facial hair to comb, start training your ‘tache by brushing and combing it to the sides, using moustache wax to style and hold.

Curved, upward edges are great for breaking up a long face (see Sacha Baron Cohen in Hugo). To create this style, you’ll need beard wax or balm to style the ends.Sacha Baron Cohen in Hugo

Step 5. Craft your ‘tache

Be brave and begin to groom and shape your moustache using a beard clipper, razor and scissors. If you are nervous about what to do with your newly-grown face fuzz, a quality men’s grooming salon will be able to advise you on the best shape for you and help you to shave and trim it to perfection. Wet shaving around your moustache every day will keep you looking tip-top.

Step 6. Fully commit

Take action! Now you know how to grow a moustache, your mo’ will become a starting point for some really interesting conversations. Men in Ireland are dying before their time due to prostrate and testicular cancer, mental health and suicide. Growing your mo’ will raise money, raise awareness and get you and your friends talking about the issues that really matter.

Register at to join the moustache movement.

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