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We are proudly supporting Movember Ireland

Ask me about my stache Mens Grooming IrelandIf you’ve always fancied growing a mo’ for Movember now is your time! Sprouting a fantastic ’tache is the coolest way to show your support and raise awareness for men’s health this November.

Men in Ireland are dying before their time due to prostrate and testicular cancer, mental health and suicide.

Growing your mo’ will raise money, raise awareness and get you and your friends talking about issues that really matter.

Take action! Growing a mo’ will raise funds for a very important cause and will become a starting point for some really interesting mens’ health conversations.

How are we supporting Movember Ireland?

Barbershops are uniquely placed to act as an intervention point for men’s health with 52% of men saying they trust their barber more than their doctor to discuss private and/or sensitive matters.

Therefore, Men’s Grooming Ireland is proud to announce participation in the Movember Ireland campaign to raise awareness and funds.

Throughout November, we will be taking donations for the Movember Foundation and supporting all of our clients who want to grow a moustache for the cause.

Hot Towel Shaves and Moustache Trims for Movember

Our master barber will offer Hot Towel Shaves and moustache trims for men growing just their moustaches throughout Movember.

Book your appointment and pay a donation for the service and we will donate it to the Movember Ireland Foundation. Of course, we will accept all donations from anyone who wants to contribute.

And of course we have sell all the essential moustache products (beard oil especially) you will need online.

How can you support Movember Ireland?

Grow a mo for Movember: Grow a mo’ and ask your friends to sponsor your burgeoning moustache. Every hair grown should raise a euro or two.

Commit to movement: Commit to walk, run, cycle or crawl 60km during November. That’s 60 km for the 60 men we lose to suicide every hour, every day.

Host a mo-ment: Invite your bros for dinner, a round of golf, a game of footie or any other social occasion. But make sure everyone digs deep and donates to Movember. 


Stop men dying too young! Join the mo’ movement for men’s health!

Register at to join the moustache movement.


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