Men's Grooming Ireland


Shaving Soap


Men’s Grooming Ireland Shaving Soap (100ml) is a highly conditioning and moisturising soap for a smooth, satisfying and refreshing shave.

The advantage of a concentrated soap lies in the cost per a shave due to the fact that it will last much longer.


HOW TO USE: Wet your brush with hot water at least a minute. A badger brush is always a good choice. Unlike synthetic fibers, badger hair is naturally soft and retains water like a sponge. Leather up the soap using circular motions directly in the container about 25 seconds. Apply and massage the warm lather with the soaped brush evenly across your face in circular motions. Shave using straight or safety razor. Adding a touch more hot water will provide re-lathering for second or third passes in necessarily. When finish,empty access water from the soap container and leave it open so it can air-dry.

Our high-quality male grooming product range is developed with the help of professional barbers for use on all skin types. All Men’s Grooming Ireland products are paraben and cruelty free.