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Should I tip a barber?

“Should I tip a barber?” This is a question that sometimes makes our clients feel uncomfortable so we thought we’d write about it here.

The amount you give is not as important as what it represents. A tip should be based on what you can afford and is really about acknowledging a job well done – above and beyond the norm.

At the end of the day, it is our job is making you look and feel fantastic! However, if you feel we have gone above and beyond what you would expect, then please do leave a tip. A tip lets your barber know that you really appreciate the cut you have received.

How much should I tip?

So…you want to leave a tip, but how much? Your barber should be providing a fantastic haircut for you every time anyway so tipping a barber becomes more personal than, say, tipping a waiter at a restaurant. So the rules are slightly different here. €5 and over is a reasonable amount to tip.

If you want to make it even more personal? Hand the tip directly to your barber rather than the receptionist and shake hands on that solid hair cut or shaving experience.

Show your appreciation at Christmas

If you have a regular barber, you may want to combine your tips and give them all together as a ‘thank you’ bonus at Christmas.

Whatever your reason for tipping your barber, we always appreciate your feedback – negative or positive – it’s what makes us better barbers at the end of the day.

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