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Overcome your fear of haircuts with our friendly, expert barbers

Some men can feel as anxious about visiting their barber as they do visiting their dentist. Which is why you need to find a barber that you can trust. Skill, experience, knowledge and friendliness are all qualities wielded by the top barbers of Men’s Grooming Ireland. All of which will easily help you to overcome your fear of haircuts.

Web invited, Paddy Comyn, a writer with a very unhealthy fear of barbers, to take a whirl in our barber chair and see if we could help him to overcome his fear of all things scissory:


TonsurephobiaBest Barbers in Dublin

“Tonsurephobia is the fear of getting a haircut. This something Samson had, for sure, but it is also something to a lesser extent some men fear when they enter a barber shop. This anxiety is increasingly the case when you get a little older. Perhaps you feel like you don’t want to mess things up too much by asking for anything different? You don’t want to look like an idiot by bringing in a picture. But you also simply don’t know the terminology and what to ask for when you come in.

‘It can be difficult for some men to know exactly what to ask for in a barber shop but that is why we are here to help’, says Andrew Kozlov, the Director of Men’s Grooming Ireland.  ‘We take a lot of factors into consideration when a man comes in, everything from the shape of their face, the texture of their hair and even the shape of their crown and skull.’

“It can be difficult for some men to know exactly what to ask for in a barber shop but that is why we are here to help”

As a 40-year old man who had never heard of a fade before last week, and hated asking what way I wanted my hair, these words came as a welcome relief and clearly marked out the difference between going to an appropriately trained professional and someone who ‘cuts hair’ for a living. Think about it for a second, you wouldn’t hire a plumber and then tell him how to fix your sink, you just want it fixed – and for the likes of me, going to a barber and showing him the right way to cut my hair and what product to put into it seems ridiculous.


A barber you can trustMen's Grooming Ireland

Andrew pointed out straight-away that I was using the wrong product, wax, which was too weighty on my hair and by the end of the day was leaving my hair greasy. After a superb haircut, Andrew showed me a powder which would give my hair volume and he used a tiny amount of wax on the ends of my hair. My eyes were finally open, and my tonsurephobia faded. This is the difference between a barber and a great barber!”


So feel the fear and do it anyway! Book in with our friendly, helpful barbers today and we guarantee you’ll never have a reason to have a fear of haircuts again. 

Men’s Grooming Ireland is one of the best barbershops located in Stillorgan, Dublin South and is known for its prestige, clientèle and traditions. We offer a luxury experience in stylish, masculine environment, providing a premium range of relaxing grooming services.



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