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Instantly refresh your look at Men’s Grooming Ireland with our top 7 Popular Men’s Hairstyles

Wan to instantly refresh your look? Here are the top 7 hairstyles and hair trends for 2016 that will provide you with the best look!

1. SHORT AND CHOPPY: This style suits a more classic gent who doesn’t like sharp contrast between lengths. This haircut is easy to maintain and style. Highly recommended for men with a square face shape.

mens hairstyle 2016

2. GREAT SHAPE AND CONTRAST: This look with high, medium or low fades is definitely going to get you noticed! There’s a xlear contrast between top, back and sides with plenty of movement and shape. This is a great hairstyle for guys with round faces as the brushed up top will give the illusion of a longer face and the short sides won’t round out the face.

mens hairstyle 2016.jpg3

3. MORE TEXTURED LESS POLISHED QUIFF:  This style includes extra height on top while being shorter and sharper on the back and sides. Looks amazing but will need some commitment to styling.

mens hairstyle 2016.jpg4

4. THE WET FINISH LOOK: This is one of the quickest ways to style your hair! Rub some water-based pomade into damp hair and shape it with your fingers instead of a comb.

mens hairstyle 2016

5. A LONGER CHOPPY CROP: This style is for men who like to have a bit of length. You’ll need a slightly finer or wavy hair type for this look. Grow it out over time and once you have a good length, visit your barber (preferably, with hairdressing experience) to add some layers to optimise your hairstyle’s shape.

mens hairstyle 2016

6. BUSINESS CASUAL HAIRSTYLE or SIDE PART: This is a timeless classic haircut for all businessmen. It gives a clean, professional look.

mens hairstyle 2016

7. POMPADOUR: This style is dramatised with large volume in the front, gradually receding towards the back. It requires hair that is 6 inches long on top.

mens hairstyle 2016

When choosing the best hairstyle for you it’s crucial to identify your face shape and hair texture – better to rock a hairdo’ that fits you like a glove than one that’s trendy but “Meh” on you!

The barbers at Men’s Grooming Ireland have knowledge and skills to choose the best hairstyle that suits your hair, face and personality. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate CONTACT us on 01 288 28 70 or just walk in and get a free consultation!


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